The use of the ECG for atrial fibrillation (AF) in clinical daily practice is still limited to its diagnosis. Recent research shows however that ECG-derived parameters can also be used to assess the spatiotemporal properties of AF.

Specifically, frequency and the complexity of the f-waves in the ECG reflects the complexity of the fibrillatory conduction during AF and therefore can be used for quantification of the degree of electrophysiological alterations in the atria. This information might be useful for guiding AF therapy and might form the basis for classification of AF.

YourRhythmics offers a high resolution ECG recorder and software to determine the frequency and complexity dynamics of atrial fibrillation non-invasively. Our ambition is to provide a decision-support tool to choose the most effective therapy for the individual AF patient.

YRS 100 cardiac amplifier

The YRS100 is a CE approved 40-channel cardiac amplifier capable of measuring non-invasive ECG-signals. The device records these signals with a sampling rate of 2 kHz per channel and a 24 bits resolution to provide excellent signal quality.

The safety class of the YRS100 is Class I-CF, which makes this device suitable for clinical research on patients (suspected of) suffering from cardiac arrhythmias.Two ECG cables are included to connect with 2 x 10 body surface electrodes. The bipolar and unipolar channels can be used to record an esophageal or body surface ECG. All patient connections are isolated from the PC and the mains side and the system is defibrillation proof.

The YRS100 cardiac amplifier technology has been developed by Maastricht Instruments and UM-IDEE, and has been licensed to and further developed for YourRhythmics.

Freek Boesten
Business development