Vitrobot for Life Sciences

Improve speed and quality in Cryo-TEM sample preparation with Vitrobot™

Vitrobot completely automates the vitrification process to provide fast, easy, reproducible sample preparation – the first step in obtaining high quality images and repeatable experimental results.

Part of the cryo-TEM Workflow

As a part of our Cryo-TEM workflow, researchers create high-quality vitrified samples for single particle analysis or cryo-tomography research applications. Vitrobot offers fully automated vitrification, fast and easy. It performs the cryo-fixation process at constant physical and mechanical conditions like temperature, relative humidity, blotting conditions and freezing velocity. This ensures high quality cryo-fixation results and a high sample preparation throughput prior to cryo-TEM observation. The Vitrobot’s controlled environmental technology prevents cooling and concentration of artifacts that are inevitable in other freezing protocols. The transfer from the vitrification medium into the liquid nitrogen atmosphere has been automated,  ensuring consistent sample quality at high sample throughput.


  • User-defined settings ensure maximum flexibility
  • Fully automated and reproducible vitrification of suspensions
  • High vitrification quality through controlled environment
  • High sample throughput
  • An effective user interface assures easy and flexible instrument control

Freek Boesten
Business development