The Universal Multipurpose medical front-end OEM module (MPAQS)

This OEM-module (type MPAQS) is a hardware platform which can be used to construct a high-end patient- or vital signs monitor for use in various research- and medical applications. The hardware platform can be used by system integrators for vital signs monitoring of human subjects (Research application) or patients (Medical application). The hardware platform comprises all relevant state-of-the-art hardware to interface with the human subject or patient in order to acquire all general vital signs from neonates till adults. Our customers will not need to design the complex signal conditioning and patient safety related hardware/embedded software to acquire vital signs and therefore can concentrate on specific housing, design and user interface.

This hardware platform and our knowledge of medical device development (ISO13485 certified) can also be used as a starting point for dedicated medical device developments.

In terms of vital signs the OEM-board features the following inputs:

  • Two temperature channels for standard YSI temperature sensors;
  • a standard 12 lead ECG channel;
  • General purpose 32 channel bipolar universal ExG (ECG, EEG, EMG et cetera);
  • 4 channel IBP,
  • Options for add-on modules for NIPB (oscillometric) and SpO2.
  • 4 channel general purpose analog outputs (output of selected inputs)

Other connections are provided for:

  • Standard 100Mbit Ethernet UTP connection for data output (API available).
  • 24VDC Power supply.
  • OEM-board for system integrators
  • Custom product co-development
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  • OEM-board for system integrators
  • Custom product co-development

Freek Boesten
Business development