NMR Sample Tubes Revolver Unit

Synthetic polymer samples are commonly heat treated in an NMR sample tube before NMR analysis. This heat treatment is performed at a certain temperature in a sample preparation oven (e.g. kugelrohr- or glass oven), wherein the NMR sample tube is continuously rotated at a certain rotational speed around its longitudinal axis to treat the sample uniformly. The heat treatment of synthetic polymer samples typically takes several hours (4-24h), while the subsequent NMR analysis of the heat treated synthetic polymer samples takes a fraction of this time.

Improved efficiency and high throughput solution for NMR sample preparation

The current glass ovens available on the market today, allow the heat treatment of ONLY one NMR sample tube at a time. The disadvantage of the current solutions is that continuously performing NMR analysis on synthetic polymer samples requires the utilization of multiple ovens and other lab equipment (such as fume hoods).
The NMR Sample tube Revolver Unit Maastricht Instruments offers comprises an add-on solution for the standard BÜCHI Glass Oven for simultaneous heat treatment and preparation of up to 5 NMR sample tubes at a time! The advantage of using the NMR Sample tube Revolver Unit will be a much higher throughput of NMR samples, much more efficient use of very expensive lab space and less investment in sample preparation heat treatment ovens as well as required fume hoods.

The NMR sample tubes Revolver Unit features:

• Unique holder for simultaneous heat treatment and sample preparation of up to 5 sample NMR tubes!
• NMR tubes of 10mm as well as 5mm tubes (with adapters) can be used.
• For use with standard BÜCHI Glass Oven, type B-585 (typical available in industrial labs)
• Specifically designed for material sciences research (such as synthetic polymer development)
• Can be used for heat treatment up to temperatures of 130oC

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Freek Boesten
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